Monday, February 23, 2009

Help me start the tour

Not the kind of contest that I thought it was.

It appeared that they were going to leave an opening for free voting from the public-at-large. That was not the case.
In addition, voting appeared to be wide open without a hitch. Now it turns out that the 50 "short listed winners" get voted on by people willing to have their email addresses harvested by the Tourism Queensland site. That was a kind of bait and switch, too.

Still, you can go vote for my video there without signing-up or turning over your email address for SPAM purposes.

Remember, you're not voting for an Oscar and on what you may really think of my video.

You're just voting to show your support for me and the webcasts!

Please go and view it.
When you vote, give me 5 stars.
also at:

Give this URL to others to go vote. Send friends... send friends of friends...
It will be a good way to start plans for the tour.


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